Amazon's Pre Ordering of books sucks!

I pre-ordered a copy of the new, (first, only, best, and original) Pentaho book “Pentaho Solutions” by Roland Bouman and Jos van Dongen two weeks back.  Saw from a tweet that the book was shipping from Amazon.  Cool – had a look at the page.  Sure, they can ship today if I get my order in on time so I know they can ship it.

How about my pre order, which I would assume would go out before regular orders?  Won’t ship until next week?  Delivered by 9/11/2009?  Lesson learned – don’t pre order from Amazon.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Amazon's Pre Ordering of books sucks!

  1. Jos van Dongen

    There should be one in your mailbox anytime soon; Wiley shipped some preview copies last week to a bunch of people, including you ;-). And as Tom is one of the technical reviewers, he should get a copy really soon too. I received 20 of them yesterday and I must agree, it’s the best Pentaho book on the market! (at least until Wills book hits the shelves…)


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