How about a Pete Finnigan Loop-du-jour

Apparently there are two classes of bloggers: those in the grace of the big O and those that are not. I like the big O (what puts food on my table so to speak) but find it silly to exclude bloggers based on content. How many bloggers post total CRAP that appears to be well intentioned tuning advice that could end up TOTALLY messing up an Oracle solution? Is going to peer review and ban these bloggers as well? It’s not that it isn’t a good idea to keep GOOD content on the official blog site, it’s just HOW are you going to decide what’s good?

Just like a recent “Best Blonde Joke Ever” loop, I suggest the remaining bloggers offer up a Loop-du-jour. It might get me banned as well, but oh well! 🙂

I’ll start off… I rather like Pete Finnigans web site. Check it out here!

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